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Three Bosch managers investigated over involvement with Volkswagen emissions cheating

Posted by Admin on August 08, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News


Stuttgart prosecutors in Germany have seemingly found some dirt from their investigations into Bosch for their reported involvement in the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Volkswagen have already admitted that 11 million of their vehicles across the globe have so-called “defeat devices” fitted in them to manipulate official emissions testing; although they dispute in which countries the software used is classed as a “defeat device”.

The software in question can recognise when the vehicle is undergoing official testing to reduce emissions and therefore pass the tests. However, in real-world driving conditions, the software can disengage, meaning vehicles pollute way more dangerous NOx then they ought to be doing.

It’s Bosch who reportedly created the software that VW used in their vehicles.

Bosch acknowledged that it may have provided certain “elements” of the software but largely remain silent on revealing the finer details. Back in February, Bosch agreed to pay a hefty $300 million settlement to claimants in the U.S., but have never admitted to any legal wrongdoing.

Jan Holzer, spokesperson for the Stuttgart prosecutors in the investigation, stated that the prosecutors opened a probe against them “on initial suspicion of aiding and abetting fraud in connection with potential manipulation of emissions treatment in Volkswagen vehicles”.

He continued to say:

“All of them are managers with the highest [authority] in middle management.”

Bosch reportedly cooperating

Bosch are reportedly cooperating with authorities but are unlikely to speak about matters whilst investigations remain open.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel, also took a swing at carmakers accused of cheating diesel emissions testing. Her government once promoted new diesel technology that promised to cut down carbon dioxide emissions, but this is of course a different matter entirely when automotive manufactures are deceiving people about dangerous pollutants. German authorities are not the only ones who feel betrayed – many diesel customers purchased cars on the promise they were cleaner and better for the environment, yet this turned out to be a lie.

Volkswagen sales plummeted

In Germany, the home nation of Volkswagen and Bosch, sales plummeted and may continue to do so as major cities like Stuttgart and Munich are considering banning certain diesel vehicles for their part in significantly raising pollution levels.

Porsche are also being probed by Stuttgart prosecutors as they’re suspected of being involved in designing the software allowing vehicles to cheat emissions testing. German prosecutors have been incredibly busy in the past few months, leaving no stone unturned and examining all leads. The Volkswagen emissions scandal shocked the public and authorities alike, and there are real concerns that cheating may be more common in the automotive sector than first thought.

There are suspicions that the deception goes far beyond that of just Volkswagen.

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