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The Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal is far from over

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The Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal is far from over

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Contrary to the perceptions VW appear to have done well to paint with the media and public, the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal is far from over. With the deadline to join the class action against them formally set as 26 October 2018, the legal fight for justice has really only just begun, and there is plenty to be done before the deadline elapses.

Our firm has been appointed to the Steering Committee who are leading the action against VW in the High Court of Justice. Anyone who has yet to start their claim and join our Claimant Group is urged to do so before the deadline expires to avoid missing out.

Our firm has received a great deal of attention with the press recently, and we have issued several releases and comments in response to media stories that continue to be published surrounding Volkswagen and their emissions scandal. VW appears to have done well in battling any media crisis they face, but we can tell you now that the emissions scandals is far from over, and they are far away from moving on from it.

Notably, Audi’s Chief Executive, Rupert Stadler, reportedly agreed to stay on with the VW-owned subsidiary company recently and acknowledged that the diesel affair was not over. Audi themselves have faced widening recalls lately, with a further 60,000 vehicles being recalled due to emissions irregularities.

Stadler reportedly told the press that: “We are still running into issues that we report immediately to regulators,” and that “The diesel crisis hasn’t yet ended.”

The only way VW can move forward is with compensation in England and Wales

In our view, the only way VW can move forward from the diesel emission scandal they created is to do the right and honourable thing like they have in America: initiate buybacks and pay compensation. Right now, they’re refusing compensation to victims in Europe because they claim they have done nothing wrong over here.

This stance, in our view, is absurd.

There is strength in numbers. If you are a victim of the dieselgate scandal and you have yet to start your claim, do so now so we can show them that their behaviour is not acceptable, and ensure justice is served and ensure they are punished for their actions.

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