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Claim now in the Fiat Chrysler emissions compensation action

First published by Admin on January 19, 2021 in the following categories: Emissions News Fiat Chrysler Emissions Group Action NOx and tagged with | | | | | | | |

fiat chrysler emissions

The Car Emissions Lawyers are representing eligible owners for Fiat Chrysler emissions compensation claims who have come forward and started their case.

For some, it is estimated that eligible victims could claim up to the full purchase price of their vehicle under CPUT (Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading 2008) regulations.

Legal precedents mean that some victims could receive up to 100% purchase price of their vehicle if the manufacturer has engaged in ‘very serious’ prohibitive practices. That means victims could receive tens of thousands of pounds, depending on the make and model of their vehicle. Presently, the carmaker denies that they have done anything wrong, so the action we are taking is to find out whether or not there has been any behaviour that amounts to cheating emissions regulations or not.

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Serious “dieselgate” allegations made against Fiat and Opel intensify

First published by Admin on June 06, 2016 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with |

We’ve said it right from the start, and repeated this sentiment several times since we launched our action against the Volkswagen group – which car maker is next?

With Mitsubishi, Nissan, Fiat, and Opel all being in the limelight with various admissions and accusations about cheating or rigging emissions data, the question of who has specifically acted illegally is being raised again.

The latest is this: Fiat are being accused of breaking the law, whereas Opal may get away with what they have done because of how we define what’s “legal” and how we define what is “cheating.”
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