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Porsche under fire in emissions probes and recalls

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Porsche have come under fire in a huge emissions probe that has triggered an EU-wide recall of some 60,000 Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan models.

The news comes shortly after Porsche were also accused of fiddling emission tests to save drivers of the Boxster S, Spyder, Cayman R and Cayman S an estimated £225 per year; costing the Treasury an estimated £3m

Porsche were recently raided by German authorities who are keen to clamp down on any kind of emissions cheating which is somewhat synonymous of the Volkswagen Group – of which Porsche is a part of – as they remain embroiled in their monumental “Dieselgate” scandal.

Volkswagen continues to struggle to keep its nose clean in this latest scandal involving the luxury car brand Porsche, who they own. The EU-wide recall is said to affect 52,831 3.0-litre V6 diesel Porsche Macans and 6,755 4.2 litre V8 diesel Porsche Cayenne models.

It’s alleged that software has been found in the models that can disarm emissions controls, which is what they were caught out for with the “Dieselgate” scandal when they used so-called “defeat devices” to do the same thing. This latest recall hits the news amidst the accusations that Porsche started vehicles in second gear as part of CO2 tests for the UK to help avoid drivers paying higher tax brands; scandal after scandal!

Although VW has owned up and faced the music in America, they continue to refuse compensation to UK owners, which is why we’re fighting them in the High Court of Justice as part of the Steering Committee of lawyers leading the fight for justice in England and Wales.

We are already representing Porsche owners in the UK who have come forward after emissions issues, and this latest recall is set to deepen the scandals the German automotive giant continues to find themselves embroiled in.

 About the England and Wales Volkswagen emissions compensation action

As more recalls emerge and the UK is looking to be taken to EU courts over the levels of emissions in our country, we’re fighting VW in the High Court of Justice as we seek damages for owners affected by the “Dieselgate” scandal. We’ve been fighting for justice since the breaking of the scandal as the first law firm to formally launch action and the first firm to take cases to the High Court.

We’ve been appointed to the Steering Committee who lead the fight for justice, and we will not stop until VW faces up to what they have done here in England and Wales in the same way they have in the US.

If you have yet to join the action, the deadlines are fast approaching, and you should sign-up to our Claimant Group as soon as you can here.

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