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Why the VW class action case matters if we are to fight air pollution

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over half uk kids breathe in illegal pollution levels

The VW class action case really matters if we are to fight air pollution and improve air quality in the UK. Our urban areas are in such a state that some reportedly hit annual limits at the start of 2018; Brixton being one of them. Remarkably, this was apparently an improvement on the year before where it was breached in a week!

So, when we have one of the biggest companies in the world ignoring its corporate social responsibility and deciding to deliberately cheat emissions testing, we have to take it seriously, and we have to take action.

The VW class action we are on the Steering Committee for is designed to do just that.

It’s simply unacceptable that a company as big as Volkswagen can be allowed to ignore their ethical and social responsibilities as a car manufacturer by choosing to put defeat devices into millions of cars worldwide. With urban areas like Brixton reportedly breaching their annual limit in the first month of 2018, we already have a serious air quality problem here in the UK that needs resolving; not adding to by being deceived through the use of cheat devices.

The VW class action case – that Claimants only have until this October to join – is designed to make sure that VW does not go unpunished for their actions. With experts saying that the additional NOx polluted as a result of the “Dieselgate” scandal contributing to thousands of premature deaths, and harming our environment, action must be taken.

The government are already facing High Court action for the continual breaches of air quality limits, and our class action against VW is designed to make sure that VW are punished and send a clear message that this kind of behaviour is simply not acceptable.

If your vehicle has been affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal, you can join our action here before the deadline expires in the coming months.

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