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Nissan emissions compensation claims

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Nissan emissions compensation claims

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Nissan and Renault emissions

Nissan, alongside associated brand Renault, is currently the subject of investigations into the alleged use of defeat devices in its vehicles. The allegations, born in the wake of the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal, concern the debate over whether or not Nissan has used illegal defeat device technology to disguise its vehicles’ non-compliance with emissions regulations. If it is confirmed that customers were deceived regarding the emissions output of their vehicles, they may be able to make Nissan emissions compensation claims.

After a court case in which we played a key role in, Volkswagen was found to have been using illegal defeat devices to cheat emissions tests. The allegations of deceitful emissions practices now spread widely across the car manufacturing industry, and while they have yet to all be proven, we are determined to ensure that all suspected manufacturers are thoroughly scrutinised in order to root out any wrongdoing.

Nissan, as other carmakers are doing, strongly deny that they have done anything wrong. Our investigations will determine if this is the case or not.

Why you should make a claim

According to information ascertained from the Department for Transport, tests have reportedly indicated some discrepancies between NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions produced by Nissan vehicles in testing settings when compared with the output in real-world driving conditions. While Nissan continues to deny the claims that any discrepancies represent any wrongdoing, we believe that there is enough merit to the allegations to bring compensation claims now.

If Nissan has been allowing its cars to produce excessive emissions, customers may have been deceived. If you were under the impression that your car was safe and compliant with the law when this may not have been the case, making a compensation claim could allow you to assert your rights as a consumer.

In addition, NOx emissions, which may allegedly have been produced in excessive quantities by Nissan vehicles, can be capable of causing immense damage to the environment and to human health. Given that we are facing a climate crisis right now, most environmentally conscious car owners may feel betrayed by non-compliance with emission regulations. If you make a Nissan emissions compensation claim, you will be taking a stand against harmful pollution the carmaker may have caused.

Nissan emission compensation pay-outs

When bringing Nissan emissions compensation claims, we can consider a number of aspects of the law. To begin with, it may be possible to bring your claim on the basis of deceit, given that you were led to believe your car was compliant with emissions regulations, when this may not have been a case, if the allegations are found to be true.

We may also be able to apply the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPUT) to your case. Under the CPUT, affected car owners could be entitled to recover the equivalent of 25-100% of the original price of their vehicle, if the allegations are found to be true. This can mean that you could be awarded thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds in damages.

Join our Nissan emissions group action

To begin your fight for Nissan emissions compensation, you can go to our online form to check your eligibility and register your claim. We have made the process quick and easy for claimants, so it only takes a few minutes to get your claim underway.

As the first firm that initiated High Court proceedings against Volkswagen in England and Wales, we have played a pioneering role in emissions litigation to date. We do not want to stop at Volkswagen, as we want to ensure that any other cases of emissions cheating are dealt with where they have taken place.

To help us in holding Nissan to account, start your compensation claim today.

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