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Mitsubishi admit manipulating emissions data

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Mitsubishi admit manipulating emissions data

First published by Admin on April 22, 2016 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with |

We’ve been waiting for it to happen – several other manufactures have already been investigated by the authorities on suspicion of misleading emissions data following on from the Volkswagen scandal.

Following internal investigations, Mitsubishi Motors has admitted their employees have manipulated emissions data which has led to their offices in Japan being raided by the authorities.

In a scandal that has an almost identical feel to the Volkswagen Emissions scandal, bosses at the Japanese car giants have released statements confirming that employees have misrepresented data.

How Mitsubishi Motors cheated the system

According to reports 600,000 vehicles are affected with data being manipulated during the testing phase.

There are reportedly settings that can be used during the testing that can simulate “real world” conditions like wind resistance.  Upon discovering inconsistencies in the way vehicles were tested, Mitsubishi launched an investigation and discovered that settings were not set correctly, thus falsifying results.

The evidence shows it was employees manipulating the data…

Corporate responsibility: dead!

The data shows 157,000 Mitsubishi vehicles affected and 468,000 Nissan vehicles affected, with the share value of Mitsubishi falling by 16% even before the formal announcement.

The affected vehicles so far are said to be petrol vehicles.

Not only does this highlight a total lack of corporate responsibility that seems rife amongst car manufacturers right now, but it shows a total disregard for the trust we consumers put in their organisations.

We invest billions of our hard earned money in the automotive industry, so to be told that we’re paying more under false representations is hard to hear.

On top of that is the financial cost to victims as well.

Who’s next?

Ever since the announcement of the Volkswagen scandal our lawyers have been wondering who’s next.

We know that bosses and employees at other huge automotive giants have been seriously concerned since the breaking of the ‘dieselgate’ scandal. We feel that more will come out of the woodwork at some point as well…

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