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Mercedes diesel emissions claim: are you eligible?

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Mercedes diesel emissions claim: are you eligible?

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Mercedes diesel emissions claim

You could be eligible to make a Mercedes diesel emissions claim for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis if you are affected by the recalls that are taking place across Europe.

We represent clients here in England and Wales, as well as having represented thousands of others for emissions compensation cases. If you are a Mercedes owner who has received notification that you are affected, or if emissions work has been carried out on your vehicle, you may be able to claim.

You can also check to see if your vehicle might be affected by viewing the list here.

List of affected vehicles

Affected vehicles include:

  • C;
  • CLS;
  • E;
  • G;
  • GL;
  • GLC;
  • GLE;
  • ML;
  • S;
  • SLC;
  • SLK;
  • Sprinter;
  • V-Klasse;
  • Vito.

For the full list of vehicles that are understood to have ben affected by the Mercedes (Daimler) emissions recall, please see the list on our advice page here.

The list is based on information from Daimler, and we understand that there could be additional models that may also be affected. There are as many as 670,000 vehicles affected across Europe, which means that a lot of models are involved. If your vehicle is on this list, you may be eligible to make a Mercedes diesel emissions claim for compensation as part of the legal action that we have launched.

Have you received a recall notification?

Whether your vehicle is on the list from Daimler or not, you should be eligible to launch a Mercedes diesel emissions claim with us if you have received a recall notification.

The recalls are in relation to software and technical updates related to emissions irregularities. It’s important to know that some carmakers have previously completed recall work and not made this clear to customers. It could be that ‘technical measures’ are applied during a routine service, for example. As such, it’s important to watch out for this and to check any work that has been carried out. If you are ever unsure, ask for specific information from the garage.

Make sure you keep any evidence you have as well – whether this is a copy of a recall notification or a copy of any documentation about work carried out. Although it’s not essential to have this to be able to claim, it could be useful.

Start your Mercedes diesel emissions claim today

If you know that you are affected by the recall, make sure you start your Mercedes diesel emissions claim with us as soon as you can. You can benefit from our No Win, No Fee representation as well as our years of experience in representing thousands of people for emissions compensation cases.

Did you know that our firm was one of the first – if not, the first – to formally accept cases for the VW emissions scandal in 2015? We were also the first to launch High Court proceedings in January 2016 as well and, in 2018, we were appointed with a seat on the Steering Committee for the action.

For more information about the compensation action and starting your claim, visit the Mercedes emissions page here.

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