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Developments in the Volkswagen Group Emissions Scandal

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Developments in the Volkswagen Group Emissions Scandal

First published by Admin on October 02, 2015 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with

In the time that has passed since it was revealed that car manufacturing giants Volkswagen Group have been installing cheat devices in to vehicles to scam consumers with misrepresented emissions and performance ratings, our team has been helping victims nonstop who want to take action.

The VW Group has lost millions in share value and they have set aside around £4.7bn to deal with the scandal. They recognise how bad this is, and we are here to fight fairly for the victims who have been affected.

Our Consumer Rights Lawyers have been busy helping people signing up to our services, and they have had their say. In a word from our team:

“People are angry, and they have every right to be. A lot of people have spent more money on buying cars they were told would save them money and pose less of a threat to the environment.

To be told later down the line – sometime years on – that you have been deliberately deceived is unforgivable. The VW Group knew what they were doing and they opted to pull the wool of consumer eyes and it has left them in a mess and left millions worldwide facing huge financial losses.”

Our Consumer Rights Lawyers have already said what people may be able to claim for. Anyone with any financial losses such as depreciation to the value of their vehicle, higher road tax, or increased fuel costs may be eligible to claim.

Its early days but we are have had an influx of enquiries from concerned consumers who are worried about the implications this will have. The long and short term market effects for consumers remains unknown, but the VW Group image has been badly damaged, and we have vowed to fight for the rights of anyone affected.

If you want help from our team then we are happy to assist you – you can make an enquiry with us using the contact form below and we will contact you to discuss your rights.

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