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Volkswagen Recall, Criminal Action, and our Group Compensation Action

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Volkswagen Recall, Criminal Action, and our Group Compensation Action

First published by Admin on October 07, 2015 in the following categories: Group Action and tagged with

Car giant Volkswagen, who have been installing defeat devices in millions of cars worldwide, have now confirmed that the recalls in the UK will start in January 2016.

Around 1.2 million cars in the UK alone are fitted with the devices that can detect when the car is undergoing testing and switch on the engines emissions controls only during test conditions. Outside of test conditions the cars are emitting around 40 times more pollutants.

We have been inundated with concerned victims who have joined our group action – here’s the latest from our Car Emissions Team.

Recall throughout 2016 to start in January

It’s believed that the recall will take the whole of next year, with the action starting in January. The scale of the recall is huge and Volkswagen have already suggested they will meet the costs of the recall.

But the real costs and financial losses to the consumer are set to be far higher.

Criminal action worldwide

Several countries worldwide have initiated criminal proceedings. Board members for Volkswagen have said that employees have acted criminally and that personal responsibility must be taken. They have suggested that the board were unaware of what was going on until a recent meeting, shortly before the media release of the story.

Our Car Emissions Group Action

We have been inundated with enquiries since we agreed to fight for the rights of consumers affected by the scandal. With around 1.2 million cars in the UK alone that have been fitted with the devices, this is set to be one of the largest class action legal claims in the history of the UK.

There is a lot to consider. We have heard the stories from those affected who have registered their claims with us, and the general consensus is that the people are angry – and rightfully so.

Volkswagen has long been a trusted name in the vehicle manufacturing industry. When the idea of ‘clean diesel’ engines was strongly promoted by manufacturers like Volkswagen, faith was all but restored in the use of diesel engine vehicles. In fact, the way in which the whole scandal was uncovered was down to research conducted that originally was to show how good these new engines were.

The blatant fraudulent actions that have been conducted by Volkswagen has had a real impact on consumer confidence in the Volkswagen brand. This fact, as well as the fact that the vehicles have been fitted with cheat devices, is thought to cause vehicle prices to plummet.

This is just one of the areas we are looking in to in terms of compensation for those who have been affected.

Our Consumer Rights Lawyers are already helping people right now – you can join our action by registering online and join the fight for your rights to compensation.

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