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Dangers of emissions – the importance of our work

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Dangers of emissions – the importance of our work

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Following the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal that first emerged in 2015, the dangers of emissions produced by vehicles have been brought to the public’s attention more.

The initial allegations that Volkswagen had been cheating emissions tests so that vehicles may have been producing more toxic pollutants than first thought was shocking. Volkswagen’s use of so-called defeat devices has since been proven, meaning that millions of vehicles may be producing Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions in volumes that far exceed regulatory limits.

As one of the first law firms to bring consumer claims against Volkswagen in the litigation against the company, we now want to ensure that the practice of cheating emissions tests is completely eradicated from the car manufacturing industry. We have launched several group actions against many car manufacturers who are also suspected of unlawful emissions practices. If you think your vehicle may have been affected, you can check if you are eligible to claim via our online form today.

Dangers of emissions – how does NOx affect us and our environment?

NOx emissions have the potential to cause immense damage to human health and the environment when produced in excessive quantities. Emissions regulations are there to prevent and reduce these severe risks, which is why it is essential that any car manufacturers who are found to be guilty of cheating emissions tests are held to account for any unlawful and unethical actions.

Produced by diesel cars during fuel combustion, NOx is one of the most dangerous pollutants in our air. In terms of its health impact, NOx is particularly associated with respiratory conditions, as it can cause airways to become inflamed. If the levels of NOx are high, or if we are exposed to the gas for prolonged periods of time, our lung function can be inhibited or existing conditions, such as asthma and heart problems, can become even more severe.

In addition, our environment can be harmed by NOx emissions, as it can affect the fine balance of ecosystems in a number of ways. In terms of vegetation, NOx can damage leaves, inhibit growth and change soil chemistry.

Air pollution in the UK

Reports on the dangers of emissions in the air we breathe are now becoming increasingly prevalent. According to a recent report by the Central Office of Public Interest, the levels of air pollution are breaking limits set by the World Health Organisation at almost 8 million UK addresses.

Particulate matter and NOx have been cited as pollutants in high volumes at the affected addresses. This is a real cause for concern.

Our car emissions group actions

With diesel vehicles thought to account for a large proportion of NOx emissions, it is unacceptable that many diesel cars may have been breaching regulations by producing even larger volumes of NOx than they should be doing.

The dangers of emissions must not be underestimated, and we believe that our car emissions group actions can help to ensure that manufacturers are held to account for putting the environment and human health at risk, where allegations are proven.

If you own, or have previously owned, a vehicle affected by emissions irregularities, you may be able to make a compensation claim in one of our group actions.

You can go to our online form to check your eligibility, and if you are entitled to claim, you can register your details to join our fight for justice.

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