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The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal taught us a lot about the power the giant car makers like Volkswagen can wield.

The days of mere seats and a steering wheel are long gone.

Technology has played a pivotal role in the advancement of the automotive industry, and in 2015, the world discovered how technology can be used to deceive millions across the globe.

The So-Called "Defeat Device"

We've known for a long time how the so-called "defeat device" utilised by Volkswagen works.

In simple terms, the software detects when vehicles are undergoing emissions testing since the testing regimes are so static and linear. During testing, the vehicle is manoeuvred in a straight line at a single speed for a set time. Devising technology to recognise these variables isn't hard in today's digital age.

Now, two academic studies that were in-part supported by the European Research Council have delved deeper in to the so-called "defeat device" and how it works; and the blame is being squarely placed on fellow German multinational engineering and electronics firm, Bosch.

How The "Defeat Device" Works

The academic studies conducted by Germany's Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum and the University of California directly accuse Bosch of creating the so-called "defeat device" for Volkswagen to use to specifically allow their vehicles to pass emissions testing while being capable of polluting far greater volumes of NOx in real-world driving conditions.

Engines fitted with Bosch's EDC17 ECU are the ones affected in the scandal.

They've also found similar technology devised by Bosch in Fiat vehicles too, and our lawyers are already on the case of investigating whether we're about to embark on a new 'dieselgate' scandal with another automotive giant.

The studies showed that the software created by Bosch has two modes: 'real driving' and 'homologation'. The latter mode homologation (meaning "to approve") is the mode that recognises when the vehicle is being tested and can allow the vehicle to produce lower emissions. In the real driving mode the pollutants are far greater.

Eight years on since Volkswagen began using the technology, they're faced with global legal actions, huge criminal fines, and mounting costs, with billions being spent to resolve the crisis.

Bosch Accused

Bosch have been accused as being a "knowing and active participant" for some time now, and courts in the U.S. have already ruled that they must pay compensation to victims like Volkswagen have done.

When asked about their involvement, a spokesperson from Bosch said:

"As a matter of policy, and due to the sensitive legal nature of these matters, Bosch will not comment further concerning matters under investigation and in litigation."

What This Means For Victims In The U.K.

We're already pursuing Bosch as well as Volkswagen. Tens of thousands of victims have come to us for advice, and we've launched thousands of cases against Volkswagen since the end of 2015 when the scandal emerged.

Our specialist legal team intend to lead the whole action. We're satisfied we're the best placed law firm to take the steering wheel of the action and ensure justice for victims here in the U.K.

Although Volkswagen continue to refuse compensation to victims here in the U.K., we remain confident we will win the action to ensure our clients receive fair justice and compensation. No organisation - no matter how big they are - should ever be allowed to bend the rules and deceive their consumers for financial gain, and that's precisely what we believe Volkswagen have done.

NOx kills people and our environment. We cannot stress enough how important emissions reducing regulations are!

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The studies told us what we already knew - that sophisticated software was employed by the German automotive giant Volkswagen to ensure their vehicles passed emissions testing in the U.K., but allow far greater volumes of deadly NOx to be polluted in real-world driving conditions. The findings of the research indicating the two modes can only lead us to one clear conclusion: that Volkswagen instructed Bosch to develop software that has been used specifically as a "defeat device", and the involvement of Bosch must not go unanswered.

If you are affected by the scandal and you haven't joined the action yet, sign up today before its too late.