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Can the VW software “fix” cause dangerous problems to vehicles?

Posted by Admin on October 05, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with

vw defeat device software

After refusing compensation to VW customers here in the U.K., VW have been issuing a software/technical “fix” that supposedly resolves the issue of the increased NOx from the so-called “defeat devices” installed in vehicles.

Nearly 1.2 million vehicles here in the U.K. are installed with the device that allows vehicles to produce more NOx by altering emissions-reducing controls in real world driving conditions.

At present, more than half of these vehicles have been “fixed”, but evidence suggests that the “fix” may be causing problems in some vehicles, and some of these issues may even be potentially putting people at risk.

The “fix” issues

The most common issue arising after having the “fix” seems to be the reduction in fuel efficiency.

Some drivers say they’re experiencing less miles per gallon and are therefore paying increased fuel costs despite driving the same as before. Even small amounts in extra fuel costs add up over time…

More worryingly, some drivers are reporting their vehicles going into ‘limp mode’ after having the “fix” applied. Limp mode is a common feature installed in many modern cars that’s designed to protect the vehicle from further damage if something goes wrong. However, some of our clients have reported the car going into limp mode in dangerous scenarios, potentially putting lives at risk.

One of our clients was nearly involved in a serious accident when his car suddenly lost power on a motorway. His vehicle had the “fix” performed just prior to the incident.

Channel 4 spoke to another driver, Chris Goodall, who was on a slip road and his car wouldn’t exceed 20mph on a 60mph road, causing surrounding vehicles to perform emergency braking manoeuvres. Luckily there were no collisions as he managed to get to the side of the road quickly.

Problems reported

VW deny that such incidents are anything to do with the so-called “fix”. Despite this, numerous problems are being reported, including:

Clutch problems and clutch feeling different Acceleration reduced at cruising speeds Emissions light turning on
Performance and / or power adversely affected EGR problems DPF problems and DPF regenerations increased
Engine noises and smells Temperature gauge problems Engine misfiring
Engine smoking Engine stalling Glow plug light switching on
Knocking / rattling noises from the engines Intermittent power loss Reduced torque at low revs
Engine remapping required Roughness in the feel of the drive when it was previously smooth Vehicle shuddering

Despite this, VW have denied claims that vehicle owners are entitled to compensation in the U.K. They also deny claims that the vehicles are classed as illegal in the EU too; despite offering a “fix”. Now, they profusely deny that the “fix” is causing issues.

VW spoke to channel 4, stating:

“The technical measures do not adversely affect the performance of the vehicles there is no systemic problem… The software upgrade does not cause limp mode to engage nor increase the incidence of limp mode occurring”

Well, tha’’s not what people are reporting…

Is it merely a coincidence that owners are reporting issues with their vehicle after having this so called “fix”? Is it a coincidence that drivers are reporting a trend of issues? We will get to the bottom of this!

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