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Swedish testing reveals that VW’s so-called emissions ‘fixes’ may be making things worse…

Posted by Admin on April 11, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with

It’s been months since Volkswagen publically reminded us that compensating victims of the scandal in the UK was unnecessary because a simple ‘fix’ would solve everything.

Victims here were not happy to hear this, especially when U.S. customers are receiving up to $40,000 each through generous buy-back schemes and compensation payouts.

We already know that the so-called ‘fix’ may be causing issues because many of our own clients have reported problems. So, we weren’t surprised to hear that Swedish testing has also revealed issues with VW’s so-called ‘fix’ as well.

The damning evidence is mounting…

Not long after the first fixes were applied, complaints started to roll in.

Owners were reporting all sorts of issues, including a loss of power and torque, loud noises and shuddering, and hardware failures with EGRs and DPFs. The MPG also seems to have taken a hit too. Maybe it was just a coincidence that they all started after the ‘fix’ since VW say the ‘fix’ is not going to affect vehicles.

Maybe not.

Swedish testing highlights concerns

Amidst the complaints, Swedish researchers backed by the prominent Swedish motor magazine Teknikens Värld decided to conduct a study. They tested 10 cars just before the so-called ‘fix’ was applied, and retested them shortly after.

These are some of the results:

  • Whilst some vehicles had more power, it was at the expense of extra fuel consumption;
  • Some cars had more fuel consumption with the same output;
  • Many engines had a 10% hit in performance, especially at higher speeds;
  • Reduction in torque: One Audi Q5 had 266lb-ft at 2,345 rpm pre-‘fix’ went down to ‘247 ft-lb at 2,590 rpm.

Some of you may recall that the Volkswagen had at least once said that the ‘fixes’ would be done quickly and would have no impact on performance. They haven’t been able to uphold this statement whatsoever.

A recent copy of a Certificate of Completion letter from the beginning of March signed by on behalf of Volkswagen Group says:

“Those approved technical measures have been performed on your vehicle and Volkswagen AG would like to reassure you that your vehicle complies fully with the relevant regulations.

Volkswagen AG also wishes to reassure you that the successful implementation of the measures does not adversely impact the engine performance, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, torque or noise of your vehicle…”

We have some questions…

  • Does Volkswagen think just using the word ‘reassure‘ means customers can actually be reassured?
  • What regulations are Volkswagen talking about? Because if they’re talking about the Euro 5 or 6 regulations on emissions then, unfortunately, Volkswagen may be deeply mistaken from what we have seen and know;
  • How can VW make these assertions when droves of our own clients are reporting issues once they have had the ‘fix’?

One of the owners who had his car tested by the Teknikens Värld researchers voiced his disappointment in Volkswagen. Having had the ‘fix’ applied to his Passat Alltrack, Erik Lehfeldt explained just why:

“First, they cheat on the emissions purification and then they lie to the customers. They promised that the car would be exactly as before the fix, but that’s not true. My car is considerably weaker.”

At normal engine speeds, Lehfeldt’s car reportedly returned considerably less power too.

As always, we can but speculate; but the number of reports and issues rolling in from our own clients and from reports around the world are growing and growing. We stand by our allegation that the ‘fix is not a fix.’

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