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VW blames UK consumers who have refused the emissions update for keeping dirty diesel cars on the roads

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As if the knife in the back isn’t painful enough, Volkswagen has had the audacity to suggest U.K. drivers are to blame for keeping “dirty diesel” cars on the roads because they haven’t had the questionable updates implemented.

That is, Volkswagen – the company that made millions of cars fitted with so-called “defeat devices” that are illegal, and therefore deceived millions into buying their cars that pollute more NOx than they should do – and are now blaming the drivers for not fixing them when the only “fix” available is one that potentially has the capacity to compromise vehicle performance and cause a whole host of costly problems.

We’ve received a lot of complaints from VW owners whose cars have suffered after having the “technical measures” applied. The post-fix issues are real!

In the U.K., the “fix” is the only thing Volkswagen group have really presented drivers with. No buy-back scheme, no compensation or even proper and sustained acknowledgement that they were wrong to install the devices has occurred. Volkswagen have instead been getting drivers to have the software update applied to their vehicles, but we feel they have failed to provide enough information as to what the update actually entails.

Many who have had the fix are unhappy with the results. Volkswagen promised that the fix will have “no negative impact on engine performance, maximum torque, fuel consumption, noise and CO2 emissions“.¬†However, a significant number of drivers are reporting broken EGR valves, blocked up diesel particulate filters, loss of power, weird noises and reduced MPGs.

Would you have the “fix” if it meant you could suddenly experience loss of power while driving down the M1 at 70mph? It has happened…

So, what are drivers supposed to do? They’ve been cheated by Volkswagen whose only remedy is to provide them with a “fix” that can reportedly cause more problems to vehicles, and they’re now being blamed for using the “dirty diesel” cars that they may never have bought if they knew they contained cheat devices in the first place.

Multiple scientific studies have found that the problems aren’t just in the vehicles, and with costs, time and effort being utilised to fix them; there is also the impact on human health to consider as well.

Experts believe that the excessive levels of pollution can:

  • Double the risk of dementia
  • Cause and exacerbate breathing problems
  • Increase the chances of getting osteoporosis
  • Harm the vascular system

Real people die prematurely because of pollutants like NOx. This is a very serious issue!

So, not only are Volkswagen not admitting liability here and refusing to compensate the drivers they’ve deceived and turned their backs on, but they’re also having a go at the very victims they created…

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