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Your Lawyers Mercedes emissions action

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Your Lawyers Mercedes emissions

The Your Lawyers Mercedes emissions action has been launched for owners whose vehicles may be emitting far more dangerous NOx than they should be doing.

When news of the VW scandal broke in 2015 and we took thousands of cases forward, we suspected that they may not be the only ones who needed to be investigated. Around the world, several other carmakers have faced fines, penalties, criminal cases, and consumer legal actions. Now, Mercedes (Daimler) also stands accused of using technology that may affect vehicle NOx emissions.

We are investigating the issues and we are taking claims forward for owners now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Start Your Mercedes Emissions Compensation Claim Today!

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uk mercedes customers can claim compensation

We have been accepting Mercedes emissions compensation claims for some time now, but if you’ve yet to start a case, here’s how we can help you.

When the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke in 2015, we felt there would be other manufacturers that would also need investigating. Since then, several carmakers have been involved in legal actions and have faced criminal investigations around the world. Whilst many continue to defend themselves and state that they have done nothing wrong, we believe that there’s justification for further action.

In 2015, the Car Emissions Lawyers (that’s us) were one of the first – if not the first – to formally accept VW cases on No Win, No Fee agreements. We were also the first to pioneer High Court action in January 2016, and we were appointed to the Steering Committee for the VW action in 2018. In 2020, we’re taking new cases forward as part of the Mercedes emissions compensation action.

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