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Volkswagen Group Action deadline is one week today

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experts claim nox emissions to blame for thousands of early deaths

In one week today, the Volkswagen Group Action deadline for anyone who wants to make an emissions claim will expire. That’s the 26th October 2018.

After this deadline, claims will not be able to be added to the register without specialist permission of the court. Generally speaking, that’s incredibly hard to obtain without a very, very, very good reason.

This is, as things stand, the deadline. If you have yet to launch your claim and have it properly lodged with the court by then, you’re simply missing out.

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Dieselgate compensation deadline is this month!

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claim investigation

The Dieselgate compensation deadline is this month. Claimants must have filed their claim before 26 October 2018.

Anyone who fails to file their claim in time will simply miss out, based on how the court rules work. There’s more to it than just instructing us to act for you before the deadline. You need to have formally agreed to a Litigation management Agreement and we need to ensure we have all the information for your claim

Anyone who has yet to file their claim is now in serious danger of missing out. There are absolutely no guarantees at this late stage…

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90 days left to make your Volkswagen Emissions Claim

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volkswagen emissions action

There’s now just 90 days left to make your Volkswagen emissions claim, but lawyers’ books for new claims are set to close in advance of the deadline.

It’s 90 days until the Court-imposed deadline, but Claimants wishing to join the massive action that we’re on the Steering Committee for must have their cases fully prepared in order to be able to join the action and benefit from any settlement that takes place in the future. Failing to join in time will likely mean you will be unable to make a claim at all, based on prior experience of Claimants missing Group Litigation Order deadlines.

If you’re serious about claiming, take action now.

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Why you need to join the VW Class Action NOW!!!

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join the vw action now

We’re lawyers who have been leading the fight for justice since the breaking of the ‘dieselgate’ scandal back in 2015, so a few people out there who are yet to start their claim may not take our word for it as to why they need to join the action now.

You should listen to our advice, though.

There have already been a number of hearings and a number of changes in how client groups are moving forward, and we have changed our options for claiming several times to reflect changes in the litigation as well.

Here are a few reasons as to why if you don’t bother to start your claim now could soon spell the end of your chances completely…
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