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When is the deadline for claiming Volkswagen Emissions Scandal compensation?

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uk dieselgate compensation claims deadline

The next big hearing is set to take place at the end of March 2018, and this hearing may well trigger the deadline date for claimants to join the Volkswagen Emissions Action and claim their compensation as a victim of the “dieselgate” scandal.

The court will normally set the final date, and if you miss the deadline, you may be unable to claim any compensation at all. Having been involved in previous actions where some people simply left it too late, they ended up being unable to claim tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

Our advice is simple: do NOT delay and claim NOW!
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Fresh claims that carmakers are ‘knowingly misleading their customers’

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greenpeace ditch diesel campaign

When Volkswagen admitted that some 11 million of their vehicles worldwide were laced with cheat devices capable of allowing emissions controls to be activated during testing, but deactivated outside of test conditions, the world realised that one of the biggest brands on earth had knowingly deceived us all.

Despite accepting what they have done and agreeing huge pay-outs and fines in America and Canada, VW are refusing compensation to UK owners, claiming they think they are not legally responsible to do so. The action we are fighting in aims to change this, and amid fresh claims that carmakers are continually misleading customers, it’s a matter of time – in our view – until VW pay what they owe.
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VW CEO thinks that selling more cars will regain trust in Volkswagen brand

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volkswagen buyback scheme

At an auto show in Los Angeles, the current VW CEO for North America, Hinrich Woebcken, presented two new cars that will hit the market in two years; both of which are electric. In the short and to-the-point interview, he was asked about the emissions scandal and whether the company had recovered, to which Woebcken said:

“we are absolutely, we are back. We are coming back. At the same time we are making sure there is zero arrogance. There is still a lot to do still to regain fully trust with our customers.”

You mean like compensating UK consumers, as an example? When are you guys planning to settle up over here? We’re waiting…
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Volkswagen boasts of bigger profits despite “Dieselgate” scandal but the mask continues to slip

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investor share price

Despite admitting to the world that it cheated car emissions tests and installed illegal defeat devices into some 11 million vehicles worldwide, Volkswagen have been reporting healthy profits. According to some of the latest figures, Volkswagen Group’s third-quarter operating profit this year is £3.8 billion; an increase of 15% from the same time period for last year.

You could argue that once costs relating to the scandal are taken off the sum, operating profits may actually be way down; but that’s not the only thing to be wary of when it comes to this news. You see, VW want this scandal to go away, and they probably think these profit reports can help to achieve that.

But people are seeing through the smoke and mirrors…
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VW blames UK consumers who have refused the emissions update for keeping dirty diesel cars on the roads

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london traffic pollution

As if the knife in the back isn’t painful enough, Volkswagen has had the audacity to suggest U.K. drivers are to blame for keeping “dirty diesel” cars on the roads because they haven’t had the questionable updates implemented.

That is, Volkswagen – the company that made millions of cars fitted with so-called “defeat devices” that are illegal, and therefore deceived millions into buying their cars that pollute more NOx than they should do – and are now blaming the drivers for not fixing them when the only “fix” available is one that potentially has the capacity to compromise vehicle performance and cause a whole host of costly problems.

We’ve received a lot of complaints from VW owners whose cars have suffered after having the “technical measures” applied. The post-fix issues are real!
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Volkswagen agreed to settle New Jersey emissions claims for £49 million – yet they still refuse compensation to U.K. victims!

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us justice

On 14th November 2017, Volkswagen AG agreed to pay some £49.4 million to settle emissions claims made by the state of New Jersey in the U.S. It’s one of the last major state claims made against Volkswagen in the nation, and its caused further anger for some in the U.K. given VW are refusing to pay a single penny to victims over here.

The multi-million pound settlement is a small addition to the approximate £17 billion the major car-maker has reportedly agreed to spend on handling the emissions scandal in the U.S.
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Your Lawyers (that’s us) set to be appointed place on Steering Committee in the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Action

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lawyers in group action

We’ve launched another press campaign this week to highlight the need for owners of vehicles affected by the “dieselgate” scandal who have yet to sign up to our group to start their claim as soon as possible.

With the backing of other Claimant Law Firms, we’re set to be allocated a place on the Steering Committee in the action where we will take a prominent role in the litigation moving forward, and our Claimant Group will have the benefit of our specialism and expertise.

We were the first to properly launch action in England and Wales, and we intend to see this through to the end!
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Volkswagen shareholders permitted to investigate cheating carmakers with independent experts

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vw watchdog team

A group of minority investors, who have reportedly seen their share values plummet as much as 40% when “dieselgate” hit the press, were initially refused a request for independent experts to investigate Volkswagen by the major shareholders. The minority shareholders reportedly took the disagreement to the German courts, and the Northern German appeal court has since allowed this group of Volkswagen investors to appoint an independent investigator to scrutinise what happened and who knew what about the emissions cheating scandal.

This potentially landmark investigation could uncover more about the senior staff and directors at the company who knew about the so-called “defeat devices” all along!
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Jailed former VW Exec Oliver Schmidt blames bosses for failing to disclose emissions cheating

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volkswagen 3 year probabtion

Former Volkswagen Group executive Oliver Schmidt reportedly wrote to a judge saying he feels “misused” by the German car-maker over the emissions cheating scandal. Schmidt pleaded guilty for his part in the atrocity and was handed a seven-year prison sentence, but he seems to be trying to land the blame on former bosses.

In his letter, Schmidt reportedly wrote:

“I must say that I feel misused by my own company in the diesel scandal, or ‘Dieselgate’.”

The former VW executive went on to accuse Volkswagen of ‘coaching’ him to lie about the diesel emissions some years ago to keep the cheating under wraps. He admits that he regrets not telling the truth to regulators.
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Diesel owners may have to pay more VED under new tax levy

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london traffic pollution

Owners of diesel vehicles like those affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal may be set for more bad news as the British government looks to increase tax for diesel cars that don’t meet new emission standards.

The “dieselgate” scandal hit 1.2 million vehicles in the U.K. with some owners facing problems after the so-called “fix” had been applied, and other owners seeing the value of their vehicle fall. Now, some diesel owners may have to pay more in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) under new tax reforms being proposed.
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