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Are BMW cheating emissions testing? A US lawsuit says they are

First published by Admin on April 24, 2018 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with |

bmw diesel anomalies

Reminiscent of the behaviour Volkswagen was caught out for, we are now asking the question: “Are BMW cheating emissions testing?” A US lawsuit says they are, which has been launched against the German automotive giant over what is being alleged as “misleading” practices.

The legal case launched says that BMW allegedly failed to disclose “emission manipulations”, and the result is that the vehicles cannot perform without wrongfully manipulating emission controls.

It’s all very familiar of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal we are currently representing victims for.
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BMW diesel sedan emissions anomalies reportedly detected

First published by Admin on February 22, 2018 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with |

bmw diesel anomalies

A German environment group known as Deutsche Umwelthilfe (“D.U.H” for short) reported last year that they detected anomalies in BMW diesel sedans.

They went as far as to say that they suspected the anomalies may apply to many more BMW diesel vehicles as well.

The ‘not-for profit’ group look to take court action over threats to the environment. They reportedly carried out tests on a 2016 BMW 320d in both lab-conditions and in real-world conditions on the road. They say they found that when engine speeds exceeded 3000rpm, NOx levels spiked by up to seven-times more than the permitted levels.
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German authorities to investigate carmaker cartel impact on investors

First published by Admin on September 05, 2017 in the following categories: VW Scandal and tagged with | | |

investor share price

The German Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungaufsicht (BaFin) have announced they will begin investigations into Volkswagen and Daimler after allegations of price collusion and other cartel activities.

The colossal carmakers admitted to cartel authorities that secret meetings and discussions had taken place and that they reportedly did not notify investors of their activity.

Although this is not directly related to the emission scandal, it’s yet another headache for the German car giant to deal with off the back of alleged unfair practices.
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