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Fiat Chrysler follows in VW steps as it’s revealed they emit 20 times the legal limit of NOx

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Fiat Chrysler follows in VW steps as it’s revealed they emit 20 times the legal limit of NOx

First published by Admin on July 06, 2017 in the following categories: Emissions News and tagged with

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Researchers who discovered the colossal Volkswagen dieselgate scandal say Fiat Chrysler’s so called ‘EcoDiesel’ vehicles are churning out 20 times the legal limit of Nitrous Oxide (NOx).

Whilst emitting half of the extra pollutant when compared to some VW cars, 20 times over the legal limit is still a hefty amount. At a time when VW vehicles are understood to be spewing out tonnes of the pollution, and in times when their so-called “fix” appears to be causing damage to some vehicles, Fiat Chrysler certainly isn’t helping with the industry’s reputation.

The revelations come straight from West Virginia University’s Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions. After they found Volkswagen’s toxic secret, authorities wasted little time in checking other major car manufacturers to see how widespread certain questionable, or even illegal, practices were in the motor industry.

Fiat Chrysler has previously denied cheating and vehemently rejected any comparison with Volkswagen, adamantly stating that they don’t use defeat devices. A spokesperson said the company will fight “against any claims that the company deliberately installed defeat devices to cheat U.S. emissions tests”. However, they did insinuate that they used certain software intended to protect the engine that, as a side effect, may affect emissions levels.

This is suspicious to us. Very, very suspicious…

Vehicles tested on the road

Researchers at the American university tested five vehicles on the roads to check emissions levels. The RAM 1500 pick-up trucks and the Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles tested found levels of NOx to exceed legal limits by up to 20 times! Needless to say, this is bad news. Bad news for Fiat Chrysler, its consumers, the general public, and our precious environment.

Whilst shareholders and owners may see their investments fall in value, the public are also affected by the quality of the air we breathe. NOx pollution can cause and exacerbate respiratory problems. The airborne compound has also been linked to smog and acid rain. In the past two years since the Volkswagen cheating was unveiled, environmental researchers say that every year thousands of people around the world may be dying prematurely because of the excess NOx pollution being spewed into the air by vehicles.

Fiat Chrysler vehicles may reportedly be adding to this catastrophe.

Mr Daniel Carder, the man in charge of the testing said:

“We saw emissions results in simulated on-road cycles on chasses dynamometers that were much lower than the actual on-road results were, suggesting that the vehicle was controlled in different fashions.”

Certain software installed in a vehicle can identify the environment the vehicle is in and its emission output can be manipulated accordingly. This is what VW were essentially caught doing.

Fiat Chrysler unhappy with the results

Fiat Chrysler are aware of the findings and are, unsurprisingly, unhappy with the results. The car company are demanding to know who commissioned the testing, suggesting that a law firm acting on behalf of clients instructed the university researchers. The researchers have not disclosed this information but the car company is likely to continue insinuating that a law firm may be behind the testing. So what if they are though?

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