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Dieselgate claim deadline is two weeks away

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Dieselgate claim deadline is two weeks away

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The Dieselgate claim deadline is just two weeks away. At this late stage, anyone who has yet to claim is at risk of missing out completely.

Our phonelines have been ringing off the hook today with the Dieselgate claim deadline now just two weeks away. The deadline has been set as 26 October 2018, so unless anything changes, that’s it. After that point, you will be unable to join the class action we’re engaged in.

We’ve been saying for the past few weeks now that anyone who has yet to sign-up is already at risk of missing out. We’re now at a stage where anyone who isn’t signed-up and agreed to our Litigation Management Agreement could be at risk of losing thousands of pounds in unclaimed damages.

The final Dieselgate claim deadline is set for 26 October 2018.

As things stand, the final court-imposed deadline for joining the Dieselgate claim deadline is 26 October. You must be in the group action to benefit from any of the decisions that will be made in the action.

As we have warned in the past, we still receive enquiries for actions where the cut-off expired years ago. We have had to turn those people away, with some potentially missing out on tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

Can you still join before the Dieselgate claim deadline passes?

If you contact us now (and by now, we mean NOW) we MAY still be able to help you before the Dieselgate claim deadline passes.

There are absolutely no guarantees at this late hour.

We are fighting for our clients on a No Win, No Fee basis in the action. You may be eligible for our representation, but with the Dieselgate claim deadline in two weeks’ time, we cannot confirm for sure that we can help.

All you can do is contact us as soon as possible. We will see if we can still help before the Dieselgate claim deadline passes.

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