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Mercedes emissions claim in the UK
July 28, 2021

Your Lawyers win landmark Supreme Court case in appeal related to Volkswagen emissions litigation

Following a monumental four-year legal battle, the UK Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Your Lawyers after a lengthy appeal case against Harcus Sinclair was concluded. The case initially arose from an agreement signed by the two firms in relation to the Volkswagen emissions litigation.

Unfortunately, Harcus Sinclair subsequently failed to honour the agreement made with Your Lawyers. Your Lawyers has been trading as The Car Emissions Lawyers since 2015 when news of the first “dieselgate” scandal hit the headlines, representing thousands of owners claiming against a range of carmakers in England and Wales.

Aman Johal, lawyer and director of Your Lawyers (The Car Emissions Lawyers), expressed his relief at the ruling: “This is such an important victory for Your Lawyers but also for the dignity and sanctity of the legal profession. We have lived and breathed this case for four long years and were forced to take the matter all the way to the UK Supreme Court simply to oblige a law firm to honour an agreement that they freely entered into.”

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Your Lawyers Mercedes emissions
July 14, 2021

Our emissions compensation actions

Since 2015, when it was revealed that Volkswagen’s diesel cars may have been emitting far more nitrous oxide emissions (NOx) than allowed by emissions regulations, we have been pursuing claims against car manufacturers on behalf of affected vehicle owners. We knew that the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal was only the tip of the iceberg, and many major carmakers have similarly been subjected to allegations that they may have cheated emissions tests. We have launched several emissions compensation actions in our effort to ensure that all those who may potentially be affected by car emissions scandals can access the compensation that we think they deserve.

So far, only Volkswagen has been found to have used defeat devices in the courts of England and Wales, and we initiated High Court proceedings against the company in 2016. In the subsequent actions, we want to use our experience of emissions litigation to hold adiesel vehicle manufactured ny other potentially guilty car manufacturers to account.

Where carmakers have broken emissions regulations, they may also have broken consumer rights law. You have a right to expect that manufacturers and dealers are honest about the vehicles they are selling to you. As such, where they have breached this duty, you could be eligible to make an emissions claim with us to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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dieselgate action deadline information
June 30, 2021

Alfa Romeo emissions compensation

As a brand owned by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group, Alfa Romeo has fallen under suspicion regarding the potential use of illegal defeat devices in its vehicles. Although the specific models have yet to be fully identified, it is believed that hundreds of thousands of FCA vehicles may have been affected by emissions irregularities. We are taking on Alfa Romeo emissions compensation claims on the basis of the current allegations of alleged deceitful practices.

The ‘dieselgate’ scandal first shook the world in 2015, when Volkswagen came under fire for the alleged use of illegal defeat devices, installed in the manufacturers to allow them to cheat emissions tests. As a result of our pioneering work, Volkswagen has now had a finding against it in the High Court of England and Wales.

We are now working tirelessly to ensure that as many affected vehicle owners as possible have a chance to claim the compensation that they deserve. If you own or have previously owned a potentially affected Alfa Romeo model, you may be able to join our action to fight for justice. They, as with other carmakers, deny that they have done anything wrong.

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Mercedes emissions recall
June 23, 2021

Ford emissions compensation action

As one of latest car manufacturers to become embroiled in the car emissions scandals of recent years, Ford has come under suspicion following allegations that it may have used illegal defeat device technology. As we continue to investigate the allegations, those who own affected vehicles may be able to claim Ford emissions compensation. The carmaker, like others, denies any wrongdoing at all.

After Volkswagen was implicated in the dieselgate scandal in 2015, a number of other manufacturers were similarly accused of manipulating their cars to pass emissions tests in some way. The majority of carmakers have been associated with excessive nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions allegations, and the accusations against Ford have also linked it to allegations of the overproduction of carbon emissions.

If it does emerge that customers have been deceived regarding the emissions output of their vehicles, there may be a case for a Ford emissions group action, in which claimants could recover thousands of pounds. We have been invested in the fight against carmakers over such allegations from the beginning, having initiated High Court proceedings against Volkswagen in early 2016. Now, we are determined to ensure that all those affected by car emissions scandals can access the justice they deserve where allegations are found to be true.

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Mercedes emissions claims settlement
June 16, 2021

Latest update in the Renault diesel emissions investigations

Having been subjected to investigations several years ago, it has now been confirmed that French carmaker Renault has been charged by a court. Launched in 2017, the Renault diesel emissions investigations are among many probes into alleged emissions fraud that have been aimed at a number of accused carmakers.

Since the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal that broke in the media in 2015, in which the company was accused of fitting illegal defeat devices to its diesel vehicles, a number of the world’s most well-known car brands have also been met with accusations that they manipulated emissions control software in their diesel cars. Volkswagen has already been levelled with billions of pounds in fines, and the latest decision in the Renault case indicates that it may be heading towards higher financial penalties also.

As the first firm to initiate High Court proceedings in England and Wales against Volkswagen soon after the scandal broke, we have been representing claimants affected by alleged emissions cheating for over 5 years. We are determined to see that all suspected carmakers are held to account where allegations are proven. We can take on claims for any car owners who are found to have been affected by Renault’s alleged emissions cheating.

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bmw diesel anomalies
June 09, 2021

BMW emissions compensation

Ever since the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal first emerged in 2015, we have been investigating allegations of emissions cheating made against a number of car manufacturers. BMW is one of the latest names to be added to our list, and is believed to be associated with the Volkswagen emissions scandal, as BMW is alleged to have colluded with Daimler and Volkswagen in order to restrict the emission controls in their diesel vehicles. Following fines and recalls in Germany, we believe that the allegations have enough weight for us to take on BMW emissions compensation claims.

Like other carmakers, BMW denies that they have done anything wrong and, at this stage, we are investigating allegations.

With our unique experience in emissions litigation, we are expanding claims to include a number of other manufacturers, including Ford, Vauxhall and Mitsubishi. We are determined to make sure that as many affected owners can access the compensation they might be entitled to, so you can register your details today to find out whether your vehicle may have been affected.

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Nissan and Renault emissions
June 02, 2021

Nissan emissions compensation claims

Nissan, alongside associated brand Renault, is currently the subject of investigations into the alleged use of defeat devices in its vehicles. The allegations, born in the wake of the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal, concern the debate over whether or not Nissan has used illegal defeat device technology to disguise its vehicles’ non-compliance with emissions regulations. If it is confirmed that customers were deceived regarding the emissions output of their vehicles, they may be able to make Nissan emissions compensation claims.

After a court case in which we played a key role in, Volkswagen was found to have been using illegal defeat devices to cheat emissions tests. The allegations of deceitful emissions practices now spread widely across the car manufacturing industry, and while they have yet to all be proven, we are determined to ensure that all suspected manufacturers are thoroughly scrutinised in order to root out any wrongdoing.

Nissan, as other carmakers are doing, strongly deny that they have done anything wrong. Our investigations will determine if this is the case or not.

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Mercedes emissions claims settlement
May 25, 2021

Emissions compensation pay-outs

The sequence of car emissions scandals over recent years has shook the world, provoking significant distrust towards the global car manufacturing industry. Group actions have been launched in numerous countries against several notable car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, and Mercedes. Millions of pounds in emissions compensation pay-outs have already been won for some carmakers around the globe, and we continue to pursue cases here in the UK.

Carmakers in the UK are refuting that they have done anything wrong. Our investigations should determine if this is the case or not.

If you own or have previously owned a vehicle alleged to contain a ‘defeat device’, a function that could allow vehicles to cheat emissions tests, you may be able to claim compensation for being mis-sold the vehicle. We understand that it can be shocking to learn you have been driving a car producing excessive amounts of harmful NOx, but we are here to help.

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emissions compensation claims claim investigation
May 19, 2021

Diesel emissions claims – our investigations into carmakers

As one of the first firms to take on Volkswagen diesel emissions claims, we have been investigating diesel emissions claims ever since 2015.

The dieselgate scandal was born when Volkswagen was accused of using illegal defeat devices to cheat emissions tests and, soon after, a number of other carmakers came under suspicion regarding their alleged breach of regulatory limits on emissions outputs also. As the allegations begin to extend wider across the car manufacturing industry, we have recently begun even more emissions investigations into several other carmakers.

Beyond the potential environmental and health implications, this is also a severe consumer issue as there may have been many breaches of consumer law on an unprecedented industry scale. If it is found that you were deceived when it comes to the emissions output of your vehicle, you may be able to recover thousands of pounds in compensation by making an emissions claim.

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Your Lawyers Mercedes emissions compensation
May 12, 2021

Dangers of emissions – the importance of our work

Following the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal that first emerged in 2015, the dangers of emissions produced by vehicles have been brought to the public’s attention more.

The initial allegations that Volkswagen had been cheating emissions tests so that vehicles may have been producing more toxic pollutants than first thought was shocking. Volkswagen’s use of so-called defeat devices has since been proven, meaning that millions of vehicles may be producing Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions in volumes that far exceed regulatory limits.

As one of the first law firms to bring consumer claims against Volkswagen in the litigation against the company, we now want to ensure that the practice of cheating emissions tests is completely eradicated from the car manufacturing industry. We have launched several group actions against many car manufacturers who are also suspected of unlawful emissions practices. If you think your vehicle may have been affected, you can check if you are eligible to claim via our online form today.

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Mercedes emissions scandal compensation
May 05, 2021

Mercedes emissions case

Following the High Court ruling that Volkswagen impacted emissions testing by using defeat devices in vehicles, we are investigating allegations against other car manufacturers. Our Mercedes emissions case is an important one, as the carmaker is also implicated in the emissions scandals of recent years.

We have already taken on many claims for the customers who may have been affected by the alleged emissions irregularities. As things stand, the carmaker denies that they have done anything wrong at all.

It is alleged that Mercedes may also have cheated emissions tests, with the potential cost being the excessive production of NOx emissions. If you own, or have owned, one of the affected vehicles, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. We are determined to ensure that all the emissions allegations are thoroughly investigated and that any guilty manufacturers are held to account for any alleged deceitful practices that are found to have taken place.

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emissions from Mercedes vehicles
April 28, 2021

Car emissions and air quality in the UK

We have known for years that the transport industry is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution in the world. However, studies have only recently started to take account of the potential real cost of releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Since the ‘dieselgate’ scandal emerged in 2015, we have been faced with the problem that many diesel vehicles may have been producing even larger volumes of harmful gases than was first thought. As a result, air quality in the UK may have become even poorer due to the alleged actions of car manufacturers.

We were one of the first, if not the first, firms to bring claims against Volkswagen in 2015, and we were the first to issue High Court action in England and Wales in January 2016. We now want to ensure that other suspected car manufacturers are held to account for alleged excessive pollution that they may have caused.

Those who think that they may own, or may have previously owned, an affected vehicle can go to our online form to confirm their eligibility and get their claims started now.

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