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8 weeks until the VW claim deadline

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8 weeks until the VW claim deadline

First published by Admin on August 30, 2018 in the following categories: Emissions News

vw claim deadline

The VW claim deadline is now just 8 weeks away. Anyone who has not signed-up so far and entered into a Litigation Management Agreement will be pressed for time to actively join.

As another reminder, the VW claim deadline we’re talking about that’s now just 8 weeks away is not the deadline that we will stop taking cases on. This deadline is the Court deadline which will be the final cut-off point for new Claimants to join the Group Litigation Order (GLO) – AKA Class Action – established earlier this year.

You must have signed-up and have access to our funding and insurance in advance of the deadline, or you risk missing out. It’s as simple as that.

8 weeks until the VW claim deadline – what this really means

Being 8 weeks away from the VW claim deadline means you must be in on the court action before the deadline that falls in the next 8 weeks; i.e. the 26 October 2018. Normally, you must have not only signed-up for representation, but you must also have entered into a Litigation Management Agreement to benefit from insurance and funding for the case.

Insurance and funding is key in cases of this nature. In previous actions, judges have not allowed Claimants to join who do not have insurance, and if you don’t have funding, who is going to pay for the evidence needed to support your case, or the court fees and expert fees that often need paying before a case is settled?

In reality, we’re not saying that you just have 8 weeks to sign-up; we’re saying that the final deadline to already be on the action is in 8 weeks’ time, and there’s work that needs to be done before the deadline approaches.

Is there a separate VW claim deadline for cases being taken on?

We can only speak for ourselves, but we would not be surprised if other lawyers will be closing the books on new cases in advance of the final deadline that falls in 8 weeks, in the same way we’re set to be.

Last-minute claimers could cause huge problems, so if you have not yet signed-up and if you are yet to have your claim fully ready, you’re risking it given we’re only 8 weeks away.

Our advice is simple: if you are serious about claiming and avoiding missing out when the final VW claim deadline falls in 8 weeks’ time, you should already have started your case. If you haven’t, we recommend that you take urgent action now.

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