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"Volkswagen has reportedly agreed the framework for a deal that will see U.S. Victims of the scandal paid $5,000 to settle their claims, with an offer to buy back affected vehicles as well."

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The details of the deal remain inconclusive, but press reports have cited multiple sources close to the deal that suggest the compensation packet and buy-back offer is ready to be announced.

Volkswagen has been under huge pressure as a result of the American justice system, and they were given until today to provide a concrete solution. Billions have been set aside, with the deal reached in the U.S.A. the first indicator as to how much the global litigation will cost the German automotive giants at the centre of the scandal.

A step in the right direction

It's a positive step in the right direction as victims of the scandal are now seeing progress thanks to lawyers working hard to fight for justice.

We've been liaising with lawyers across the pond, and our own team, who include members of the American Association of Justice, are keen to keep fighting for progress here in the UK as well.

In the U.S. the figure of affected vehicles is at 600,000 - which is half the figure here in the UK with as many as 1.2m affected vehicles. Volkswagen have so far declined to comment, but it's said they will be increasing the billions of pounds set aside to deal with the scandal, and our lawyers are now looking to Volkswagen UK to take steps in the right direction here as well.

A "responsibility" to compensate customers

Volkswagen said from the start they have broken something they consider very important to their customers; trust.

Our action consists of thousands of affected consumers here in the UK which gives us a valuable insight in to how victims of the scandal feel about what's happened.

Many of our clients have been lifelong customers of Volkswagen, having always seen them as a trusted brand and the 'go-to' car manufacturer to meet their needs. To be told after all those years of investment and trust that they've been tricked in to buying vehicles that were falsely represented is a major blow for many.

The phrase "I will NEVER buy from VW again" has been rife amongst our clients who are looking elsewhere for vehicles as a result of the scandal.

In a word from our Car Emissions Team:

"Volkswagen must remember their responsibility to 'right' the major 'wrongs' they have caused, and that includes a responsibility to compensate customers.

We're not talking about some oversight here; we're talking about a supposedly respected company taking the decision to intentionally install coding in to vehicle computers capable of falsifying emissions data.

The fact they have done this still astounds us today. Did they really think they would never be caught!?"

UK victims

A deal has yet to be brokered for UK victims of the scandal, and we've commenced court proceedings in response to Volkswagen's continued refusal to cooperate.

Despite the expert reports about the effect on vehicles once the recall has happened, and despite the changes in the market, and despite the simple logic of supply and demand when it comes to customers who have turned their backs on Volkswagen, they still maintain that victims in the UK have not, and will not, lose out.

We think this is absurd - which is why we're helping people claim the compensation they deserve on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Car Emissions Lawyers urge UK victims to join the action now!

Now court proceedings have been initiated we're urging any victims who want to claim to join our action as soon as possible.

There will likely be cut off points imposed by the Court (which are generally out of our hands) meaning anyone who has yet to join our action could be at risk of losing out.