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The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal continues to get worse with the news that CO2 emissions have been found to have been misrepresented as well. Engineers involved have reportedly come forward and admitted that tyre pressures were increased and diesel was mixed with motor oil to make vehicles run more smoothly.

It is yet another serious example of where inappropriate measures have been taken to misrepresent the performance of vehicles.

Some 800,000 vehicles in Europe have been identified as being affected and this latest scandal affects all of the group as well - Audi, SEAT, Skoda, and Volkswagen models.

It's getting worse for the VW Group...

Reportedly, engineers cheated the CO2 emissions testing in response to targets set to reduce emissions by 30% which were perceived as difficult to attain. But rather than addressing the issues head on with real technical solutions and innovative technology, testing was simply cheated instead.

It's another example where the VW Group has taken the 'easy route' and misrepresented thousands of vehicles to consumers across the globe. There is simply no excuse.

It means that the scale of the scandal has widened again as the number of victims grows larger and the cost the VW Group are set to face rises again.

Models affected

The VW Group has badly managed the scandal so far and information therefore remains sketchy at best. But we understand that models affected by the latest developments in the new CO2 scandal include:

  • Models from 2013 to mid 2015
  • 1.4 litre four cylinder petrol engines with 'Cylinder On Demand' technology
  • BlueMotion diesel engines with three and four cylinder engines

In reality it's hard to tell who is affected and who isn't! We already know that the VW online facility for checking vehicles is flawed and has been giving incorrect information to concerned consumers.

The VW Group has again suggested that the safety of the vehicles is not an issue although we're sceptical of their analysis to date given how large this scandal is and how badly it is developing.

New CO2 Scandal - Can You Claim?

We expect that the VW Group will be writing to affected owners in the same way they have done with those affected by the cheat devices for diesel engines. We have already initiated our action and we represent thousands of clients who are claiming as victims of the scandal.

We know other law firms are still just registering people’s information - but our legal action has commenced and we're liaising with the lawyers for the VW Group.

If you have an affected vehicle you can join our group action right now. It's quick and easy and we're helping all of our clients on a no win, no fee basis.

It's too early to tell what sort of money you can claim but we expect payments to be in the thousands of pounds.

It's important to recognise that as more and more scandals and information unfolds, the consumer confidence in the VW Group is set to only get worse. This is deemed to have a significant effect on the value of vehicles which we already know have fallen. The VW Group has attempted to play down the depreciation problem, but we they can't hide the truth forever.