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Has the VW “dieselgate” scandal caused premature deaths for thousands in Europe?

Posted by Admin on March 24, 2017 in the following categories: VW Scandal and tagged with

The excessive air pollution caused by the Nitrous Oxide emissions from Volkswagen Group is allegedly causing early deaths for thousands in Europe, and may continue to do so unless the affected cars are made to comply with emissions legislation.

A thorough study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has reportedly found that Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat affected vehicles are emitting so much Nitrous Oxide pollution that an estimated 3,400 people may have already died prematurely in Europe.

Once again, this news just hits home at how serious the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal truly is.

The study was conducted in Germany based on the German Federal Motor Transport Authority’s research on emissions behaviour. The emissions reportedly caused by affected VW cars in Germany alone may have caused 1,200 early deaths, the studies say, and each death will reportedly be premature by around 10 whole years.

Those who don’t die early from the Nitrous Oxide pollution may still be a victim of other health implications. The emissions may weaken the population’s health since the gases can inflame the lungs and cause respiratory problems. It’s a possibility that we may see a rise in respiratory diseases including asthma in the next few years as a result. These problems are linked with the increasing risks of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

Premature deaths may continue to rise

If this atrocity created by Volkswagen group is allowed to continue, the number of premature deaths may reportedly continue to rise, and 2,600 more people are reportedly estimated to die early if the problem is not rectified now. However, this number is said to be in relation to affected cars in Germany only. Europe has around 8 million VW affected cars, with 2.8m of them belonging to Germany. The UK has around 1.2 million.

The study also takes into account environmental factors like wind and rain. Of the 1,200 early deaths that are said to have been caused by German cars, only 500 of them will be in Germany. The wind will reportedly carry the rest into neighbouring countries, and an estimated 30 early deaths in the UK may be caused by Nitrous Oxide pollution from Germany alone.

Steven Barrett, co-author of the study, had this to say:

“Air pollution doesn’t care about political boundaries; it just goes straight past. Thus, a car in Germany can easily have significant impacts in neighbouring countries, especially in densely populated areas such as the European continent.”

Europe said to be affected more than the U.S.

Continental Europe is said to be most heavily impacted by the excessive Volkswagen Emissions, much more so than the U.S., according to the studies. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Higher numbers of “dieselgate” vehicles;
  • Higher population numbers;
  • Higher population density;
  • Atmospheric conditions including how the Nitrous Oxide will interact with other compounds in the air.

So far, the Volkswagen Group has done very little to remedy this monstrosity in Europe. VW are showing reluctance to pay owners any compensation; claiming that the cars can be fixed!

However, in the U.S, they have paid out billions upon billions for all sorts of penalty fines, settlements, consumer claims, and environmental investments. In the UK, thousands of cars are still waiting to be fixed, but some owners who have had the “fix” are reporting all sorts of problems.

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VW executive, Oliver Schmidt, pleaded not guilty for his alleged participation in the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

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