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"We're acting on behalf of thousands of people affected by the Volkswagen Emission Scandal in the UK. Our clients have formally entered in to No Win, No Fee agreements for us to act as their representatives for our action in the High Court of Justice"

We are leading force in the action for justice, and there is strength in numbers - if you have yet to join, and you are serious about claiming, don't miss out.

We're all about access to justice. This scandal has really knocked consumer confidence. To think that a company as reputable and as global as Volkswagen would install devices capable of intentionally altering emissions statistics is unbelievable.

But it has happened...

In today's economic climate where saving money on vehicle expenses is at the forefront of our minds - as is the environment that we as human beings have a responsibility to look after for over future generations - choice of car is king. Many of those affected made their choice to go with their vehicle because of its economic and environmental performance, and because of the renowned Volkswagen Group name.

Sadly, their faith in the German automotive giants appears to have been completely misplaced...

What do we do and who are we?

Well it's simple - we are lawyers with a real concern for consumer rights as much as we are for the environment. Victims of this scandal are facing potentially huge losses and expenses. Depreciation of their vehicle as well as the cost of fuel is just the start - but what about those of you who chose your car with the interests of the environment in your heart?

Millions of cars in the UK alone are said to have been installed with the so-called "defeat devices", and consumers have ultimately been cheated and deceived.

Our expert consumer rights lawyers have vowed to fight for the rights of anyone who is entitled to compensation as a victim of this scandal. That's why we have agreed to act for our clients on a No Win, No Fee basis. We would not act for thousands of clients when there is a risk of us not getting paid for the work we do at all unless we were confident in our action.

So far, The Volkswagen Group - via their lawyers - are refusing to pay a single penny in damages for UK victims, and our government has taken the rather regrettable stance to take no further action. With victims in the U.S. set to receive payouts, and with our UK clients just as badly affected, how is this fair?

It isn't - and with their refusal to pay compensation and the lack of government action, our High Court of Justice legal case has never been more important. It's now down to us to pave the way for justice, and that is precisely what we're doing.

The "big corporation" will not be getting away with this. We have vowed to stand and fight for each and every individual client we have.

We act for thousands of people affected who want their rights to justice - so, if you are serious about claiming, we are serious about representing you.

Join our action today, and leave the rest to us.

Why Claims With Us?

Easy - because we represent (as far as we're aware) the largest group of people who are being actively represented on a No Win, No Fee basis for compensation here in the UK.

On top of that, we are working with some of the biggest legal minds in the world - from barristers and big lawyers here in the UK, to American attorneys (including those leading the U.S. action) in America, and European lawyers acting on behalf of thousands of people in continental Europe.

We're a part of a very serious and large contingent of lawyers who are committed to working together to bring justice for the people who have been affected by this scandal, and we are currently the largest group of Claimants in England.

We're offering our services on a No Win, No Fee basis - so, although we're confident we can win the action, what's important for you is this: what have you got to lose?

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