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About Your Lawyers (t/a the Car Emissions Lawyers): VW Group Action Steering Committee firm

"The deadline to make your claim has been announced. You now have until 26th October 2018 to be in with a chance to claim the cost of your car back."

We're acting on behalf of thousands of people affected by the Volkswagen Emission Scandal in England and Wales. Our clients have entered into No Win, No Fee agreements for us to act as their representatives for our action in the High Court of Justice.

Your Lawyers is a member of the Volkswagen Group Action Steering Committee who are conducting the litigation in the High Court of Justice. With years of experience representing consumers in Group Litigation and Multi-Party claims in the UK - including the PIP Breast Implant Litigation where we have recovered over 1.2m in damages for victims so far - our legal team will not stop until justice is achieved.

This scandal has knocked consumers' faith in large corporations for six. It's unbelievable to think that a company as reputable as Volkswagen would deceive so many of their customers by installing devices to intentionally alter emissions outputs; resulting in more NOx - deadly to humans and our environment - being released into our air.

But it has happened...

What we do and who we are...

It's simple - we are lawyers with a real concern for consumer rights and the environment. Victims of this scandal may be facing huge losses and expenses with vehicle depreciation and increased fuel consumption.

Over 1.2 million vehicles in the UK alone are said to have been fitted with the so-called "defeat devices" and owners should be entitled to compensation.

Our expert consumer rights lawyers have vowed to fight for the rights of anyone who is eligible for compensation as a victim of this scandal. That's why we have agreed to act for clients on a No Win, No Fee basis.

So far, The Volkswagen Group - via their lawyers - are refusing to pay a single penny in damages for UK victims, whilst Claimants and the government in the U.S. have received around $15 billion so far...

How is this fair?

It isn't - and with their refusal to pay compensation, our High Court of Justice legal case has never been more important. It's now down to us to pave the way for justice, and that is precisely what we're doing.

We're acting for thousands of people affected, so if you're serious about claiming, we're serious about representing you.

Why Claims With Us?

We're working with some of the best legal minds in the world: from barristers and big lawyers here in the UK, to American attorneys, and European lawyers acting on behalf of thousands of people in Europe.

We're a part of a very serious and large contingent of lawyers who are committed to working together to bring justice for you.

Join our action today!

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