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"11 million vehicles affected worldwide, over a million of those are right here in the UK. The UK Government isn't taking any further action - the path to justice is now in our hands: join our Group Action in the High Court of Justice."

We're acting for thousands of people affected here in the UK, and we have issued proceedings in the High Court of Justice. We continue to assess the short and long term market effects of the scandal on vehicles to make sure anyone who has suffered a loss is entitled to justice.

Our lawyers stance is simple: as a vehicle owner, this is a direct breach of your consumer rights, and you have been misrepresented if you have bought a car that has been fitted with an alleged "defeat device" that we believe has cheated the results of its emissions performance.

As a shareholder who has lost value in shares, given that around 30% of their value was wiped out when the scandal arose, you too may be entitled to recovery of your losses.

Consumer confidence in the Volkswagen Group has taken a huge hit, and as confirmed above, we have already seen around 30% wiped of the groups share value. They have put aside billions to deal with the crisis and legal repercussions, and they have instructed top lawyers to defend themselves.

Right now, the Volkswagen Group are trying to deny people the right to compensation here in the UK. Our increasing pressure on them has resulted in fantastic progress for The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action, and we are confident that we will be able to win the case against them.

We are now more than a year on from the scandal, and the time frame to join the Group Action (which is normally set by the Court) may come quickly. If you are serious about claiming as an affected owner, we strongly advise that you sign up to the action immediately.

UPDATE: key developments in November / December 2016 mean that the deadline may be very soon - if you want to join The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action, our advice is that you must act quickly!

What can I claim for?

We continue to assess the markets and effects on vehicles, and we have acquired plenty of evidence to show what the financial losses people can claim for might be. These include:

  • Any depreciation in the value of your vehicle - evidence from our own clients has seen some significant losses with dealerships reluctant to even buy affected vehicles.
  • Repair costs caused by the recall - evidence so far suggests the recall may be responsible for damage to other components in the vehicle both in the short term, and possibly in the long term too.
  • Increased fuel costs - evidence from professional research and from our own clients post-recall suggests fuel economy is adversely affected.
  • Increases in road tax or insurance - although the UK government has said they will not take action in terms of tax, we lawyers know all too well the nature of how insurers work...
  • Compensation for loss of share value - share values have been heavily affected.
  • Compensation for loss of sales as a trader - there are unsold cars on forecourts off the back of what has happened, and each day that passes, more value is being lost.

Any other losses, costs, or out of pocket expenses can also be claimable. It's important to understand that the knock on effect in terms of things like fuel economy, tax, insurance etc could be substantial.

Why claim now!

This is a huge scandal that's affected over 11 million cars worldwide, with 1.2 million of them on the roads here in the UK. This question is best answered by asking another - why would the VW Group install the alleged "defeat devices" capable of making the vehicles look more efficient than they actually are?

Governments often levy fines and charges based on emissions, and people will often pay more for the purchase of a vehicle that is going to save them money in the long run. The difference can be substantial. But the issue is that the emissions are what they are, and this isn’t something that can be readily changed. Whilst you may eventually have the correct software or device installed as a result of the scandal, the emissions your vehicle is producing will still be the same; and this may be way more than what they should be.

On the other hand, if the recall means the vehicle will restrict its emissions, engineering science and expert evidence is clear: things like power and performance will be adversely affected.

There are real concerns that the depreciation could have a long-lasting effect on the industry, and it would not be surprising if people shy away from buying from the brands involved because of the scandal, even when the software is corrected. Many of our clients have already said they will not buy another Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, or SEAT again. The VW Group image has been seriously damaged, which for the owners who want to sell their vehicle in the future could result in a huge loss of equity.

A number of the thousands of people we represent have informed us they have taken huge hits when selling their vehicle, and some have not even been able to get rid of them. As time goes on, we fear things could get worse and worse for owners, especially with the reports of problems post-recall.

This is not good news for those who have invested their money in an affected vehicle. The loss in real terms could be huge, and consumer confidence in the image of the brands is down.

This kind of underhanded activity must stop – only by taking action together can we achieve this. Our work is not just to recover your losses, but it’s to send a clear message to organisations about their responsibility to trade with people with integrity. This deliberate attempt to abuse consumer rights cannot go unpunished - especially now the UK government have confirmed they will not be taking any action.

The path to justice is with the thousands of people claiming in The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action.

Start Your Claim Now!

Vehicle owners, traders, and shareholders can be entitled to join The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action.

Our Car Emissions Lawyers are taking action and claiming against the Volkswagen Group as part of our High Court action.

There will be deadlines to claim that are usually set by the court. They could come around quickly, and given there are millions of vehicles affected here in the UK, we expect the Volkswagen Group will want any actions against them to be resolved quickly.

Anyone serious about claiming in the Group Action is being urged to sign up as soon as possible. We do not want people to miss out.

All you need do is sign up and leave the rest to us.

The importance of starting your claim NOW

By starting your claim now with the Car Emissions Lawyers, you are safeguarding your rights to compensation if you have been affected by the scandal. Once the deadlines to join have passed, experience tells us from other Group Actions we have fought in that you will not be able to join up. We still get calls from people who have missed previous Group Action deadlines that closed many years ago, and we have had to turn them away because there is nothing we can do for them.

We really can't stress enough that the deadlines will probably come very fast. Either sign up now, or risk missing the deadlines.

Starting your claim is quick, and easy and once you have got the ball rolling with us, we can keep you updated. If you can claim compensation you will be the first to know.

Our Risk Free No Win, No Fee Guarantee

We're offering No Win, No Fee services for people joining The Volkswagen Emissions Group Action.

We have helped thousands of people pursue cases using our Genuine No Win, No Fee Guarantee, and we're helping thousands in this action on the same basis. It's really simple, and many of our clients are usually impressed with just how simple it is. We do not ask you to pay our fees on account, and our charges can be written off if the claim does not succeed.

It's that simple! You can read more about how our no win, no fee works here.

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