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An update from our Car Emissions Lawyers as our class action grows to significant numbers

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Our Car Emissions Lawyers are helping thousands of victims of the Volkswagen Group scandal claim the compensation they deserve. Here is how things are from a legal standpoint at the moment:

  • Our research shows other firms are just registering peoples details and not yet taking claims forward
  • Some other firms are asking for fixed fee payments from victims or high percentage deductions – we’re not yet sure whether this is upfront or not
  • Non specialist law firms don’t really know what they are going to be doing

Our Car Emissions Lawyers ARE accepting claims NOW – our group action has actually started. We’re not just registering peoples information, and our fight for justice is already under way.
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Volkswagen Recall, Criminal Action, and our Group Compensation Action

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Car giant Volkswagen, who have been installing defeat devices in millions of cars worldwide, have now confirmed that the recalls in the UK will start in January 2016.

Around 1.2 million cars in the UK alone are fitted with the devices that can detect when the car is undergoing testing and switch on the engines emissions controls only during test conditions. Outside of test conditions the cars are emitting around 40 times more pollutants.

We have been inundated with concerned victims who have joined our group action – here’s the latest from our Car Emissions Team.
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